**Due to concern for the health and safety of employees, the Herrity building is currently closed to the public. If you have questions regarding your plan, please contact Sohaila or Jerry via e-mail.  The operating status of Land Development Services in Fairfax County can be found at https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/plan2build/interim-counters. General information about Fairfax County’s operating status can be found at https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/status.**


Fairfax County’s ePlans page is now live.  Read news on the new ePlan process and see instructions on how to submit your plans electronically.  Visit the ePlans website by clicking here.

Fairfax County Article on ePlan Approval Process and Fees for Signature Sets




The ESI Peer Review Program in Fairfax County consists of a Minimum Submission Review (MSR). This program provides a plan quality control review to save the time of the regulatory reviewers and speed the process of the plan approval.   The Minimum Submission Review involves peer review performed by ESI’s Peer Review Team (PRT), which consists of rotating private industry/governmental peer review engineers and an ESI Staff Engineer. The PRT is committed to review the plan within 48 hours from the receipt of the plan by ESI.  The peer review is done according to the appropriate established current checklist as listed in the following lines.  The Peer Review Team makes a final determination whether the result of the plan reviewed is AcceptableAcceptable with Inserts, or Non-Acceptable according to the checklist and/or response letter prepared by the submitting engineers.  If the plan review result is unacceptable, the submitting DPE engineer will get a non-acceptable grade and is subject to a disciplinary action from the Fairfax County Advisory Plans Examiner Board (APEB) as a built-in accountability measure. The submitting engineers will be notified of the status of the plan review results by phone or email by the PRT once the review is completed.

Detailed instructions and appropriate forms can be obtained at the links provided below.


Fairfax County ESI Review Program Detailed Instructions (Coming Soon)