As the virus responsible for COVID-19 spreads throughout Northern Virginia (as well as the rest of the United States), ESI has made changes to business operations and services in an effort to continue supporting our members and partners while adhering to CDC Safety Guidelines.


We encourage you to visit the websites of our partnered jurisdictions for information on their operating status during this time:

In addition to their operating status, each jurisdiction provides information on services provided to residents, guidance on ways to stay safe and healthy through this pandemic, and updates on how the jurisdictions are responding to updates from the CDC, State and Federal Government.  We hope you take the time to browse these resources and keep yourself updated on what’s happening in your local area.


ESI Chantilly Office Operational Hours – It is our intent to maintain normal business office hours (8:00am – 4:30pm, Mon-Fri) in our central office in Chantilly in order to best serve you.  Due to impacts of the current virus and illnesses, we are operating with reduced staff presence in the office with the rest of staff teleworking. While we are striving to conduct our services via electronic means as best as possible, we want to ensure you that we will be present in the event that you need to drop something off or call with questions or concerns.  Please feel free to contact us at (703) 263-2232 or via e-mail.


ESI Plan Review Procedures – It is our commitment to continue working with you diligently on your plan submissions and we invite you to contact our ESI Senior Staff Engineers directly to coordinate plan submissions, meetings, peer reviews and any other plan-related need that you have.  For information on changes made to plan submission, please view our current Plan Submission Directions or contact the engineer working with the jurisdiction you plan to submit to:

At this time, the Herrity building is closed to the public and the ESI Fairfax office is unable to accept visitors.  Please coordinate plan submissions for Alexandria and Fairfax through Jerry Kitchens or Sohaila Shekib.

The ESI Loudoun office is currently still accepting paper plans for drop-off.  Please coordinate plan submissions for Loudoun or Leesburg through Gary Newlen.


ESI Classes – ESI has cancelled or suspended all LDE and PD classes through the end of April 2020.  All students who have registered for these impacted classes have already been notified of this action and ESI’s steps to ensure that they receive the classroom experience within the near future, and when we believe that it is safe to do so.

  • Spring LDE Classes – This series of classes is paramount to our members and their staff who wish to become DPE Eligible.  Accordingly, ESI has rescheduled the affected classes so that those students should be able to complete this Spring semester by the end of June 2020.  This will prepare them for the subsequent Semester 2 beginning this Fall.
  • Professional Development (PD) Classes – The PD classes through the end of April have been rescheduled to take place in September 2020.  Classes scheduled for May and June will be offered online as content allows.  This should enable our members to take the required classes of their choice with some minor delay.

If COVID-19 impacts our area past April of this year, we will make other necessary changes and rescheduling as soon as possible, and advise you at our earliest ability to do so.


ESI Plan-Related Meetings (e.g. Peer Review, Facilitation, and Pre-Submission Meetings) – All of ESI’s Partner jurisdictions have indicated a directive to minimize face-to-face contact.  So that our public and private sector members can continue to meet and discuss plans via online “virtual” meetings, ESI has procured services through Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting for instances when ESI needs to facilitate a virtual meeting.  ESI staff can also use whatever platform members or jurisdictional staff prefer for meeting virtually.


ESI Committee Meetings (e.g. Fairfax Committee, Loudoun Committee, Leesburg Committee, Alexandria Committee, and other leadership committees) – ESI recognizes the continuing need to conduct these meetings as best as possible while avoiding personal contact and maintaining proper social distancing. Consequently, ESI has been using an audio conferencing capability to conduct meetings which must be held in a timely manner.  If the Chairmen of those committees feel that a meeting can be waived or rescheduled, we certainly endorse doing so until it is determined safe to resume normal meeting protocols.  Or, if there is a pressing need to convey information, email communications, conference calls or similar methods are effective tools.


Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding as ESI follows suit with our many business partners to continue our valuable services while keeping everyone safe and healthy.