Web Based Comments Response (WCR):

Supervisory Correction of Evaluations (ESI WCR):

If a design manager or supervisory colleague (referred to hereafter as “supervisor”) discovers an error in a response to a comment while the evaluation phase is still open, the corrective procedure is as follows:
  • A second evaluation (evaluation 2) is entered by the supervisor, checked off as “check and
    resolve.” Once the second evaluation is saved, the status of the responses in the review table will
    change showing the number of corrections needed in the “other” column.
  • The supervisor should notify the evaluator that corrections are necessary. Once the corrections
    have been made to the original evaluation 1 (only the person owning that evaluation can do so
    for obvious reasons of maintaining responsibility), the evaluator should notify the supervisor.
  • The supervisor should then recheck to see that the correction has been made. If the correction is
    properly made the supervisor deletes the evaluation 2. If additional correction is needed,
    another round of action is required.
  • In the end result, only the corrected evaluations will remain, providing a “clean” response back
    to the original comment submitters.