Loudoun County:


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ANNOUNCEMENT: In accordance with a Loudoun County Technical Bulletin dated July 15, 2011, effective August 1, 2011, Geotechnical Reports associated with a CPAP or STPL being processed through ESI must also be submitted through ESI prior to all submissions to the County, along with one set of the associated plans and one copy of a completed ESI Checklist for Geotechnical Reports. No additional deposit is required as long as an adequate account balance exists in the project account established with the original plan set submission. ESI review costs for Geotechnical Reports will be deducted from the established project account.

Program Description: The ESI program in Loudoun County consists of a Minimum Submission Review (MSR) for all STPL, SBPL, CPAP and Geotechnical Report submissions, and all subsequent submissions, with the exception of Signature Set submissions. A first submission Team Peer Review meeting (TPR) is also held for all plan submissions. An acceptable transmittal from the MSR is required prior to any county submission. The program provides a plan completeness review to save time of the regulatory reviewers and speed the process of plan approval.  The program is supported by a “pay as you go” approach that requires an application and deposit to cover the cost of ESI review. 

Detailed instructions and appropriate forms can be obtained at the links provided below:


Site Plan (STPL) Checklist - 03-17-17

Construction Plan (CPAP) Checklist - 03-17-17

Preliminary Plat of Subdivision (SBPL) Checklist - 04-01-15

Geotechnical Report (GR) Checklist - 04-12-12

ESI Sr. Staff Engineer for Loudoun County Gary Newlen, PE, F.ASCE, Office #: 703-771-8488

Submission Dropoffs & Pickups:  Daily: 10:00am - 4:30pm.

Detailed Instruction:  ESI Review Program Submission

Application:   ESI Review Program Processing Application

WCR: ProjNet Decision Form

Loudoun County Application Process Maps:

Introduction To Process Map Use

Process Maps

Leesburg ESI Office Address:
7 Loudoun St. SE, Suite 3
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