City of Alexandria:

**NOTICE** - PLAN DROP OFF FOR ALEXANDRIA AND FAIRFAX: Due to the new security protocols at the Herrity building, access to the ESI office is now limited to staff only. All plans submitted for ESI MSR review must be logged in at the Records and Information (RIM) counter on the 5th Floor.  Engineers that want to meet with ESI staff must call 703-324-1941 for Sean, 1942 for Sohaila, or 5167 for Jerry, to announce their arrival on the 5th floor in order to be escorted to the ESI office.

Alexandria Memo to Industry No. 05-16

The City of Alexandria has entered into an agreement with the Engineers & Surveyors Institute (ESI) to provide a Minimum Submission Review (MSR) and a Team Peer Review (TPR) on a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) basis as of June 1, 2016.

Program Description:   The ESI program in the City of Alexandria consists of a Minimum Submission Review (MSR) and a Team Peer Review (TPR).  An acceptable transmittal from the MSR is required.  The program provides a plan quality control review (MSR) to save the time of the regulatory reviewers and speed the process of plan approval. 

Submission Requirements:  Plans must be submitted to the Records and Information (RIM) counter on the 5th floor of the Herrity Building, 12055 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22035. The plan submission must contain one set of plans for review (electronic plans are submitted through ProjNet), a completed MSR Review Checklist, the ESI Alexandria PAYG Application, and the deposit check. Review will commence once the ESI application and deposit have been received.


MSR Site Plan Checklist

Team Peer Review Checklist Package

Detailed Instruction: City of Alexandria ESI Detailed Instructions

Application:  Alexandria ESI Review Pay As You Go Application

Alexandria Peer Review Schedule

ESI Staff Engineer for City of AlexandriaT. L. Kitchens, Jr., 703-324-5167,